ZaLat Offering A Unique Pizza To Celebrate 420 Day


What began as a tradition to celebrate the unofficial celebration of every stoner’s favorite holiday, 420 Day, is marked each year with a specially designed pizza at the hot late night spot ZaLat, which currently has four locations across Dallas and Plano. These limited-edition pies are made with unusual twists that offer a smile and unique taste sensations.  

The first 420 pizza was made with Spaghettio’s, which was extremely well received. Last year ZaLat offered a 420 pizza made with Fruity Pebbles. All these special pizzas sold out quickly.

This year ZaLat’s 420 pizza is the Elvis in Vegas, which features edible sequin, Sunkist-marinated pulled pork, jalapeños, and a dime bag filled with crushed Cheetos.

ZaLat is famous for a fantastic pizza and their unusually late hours.

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