Crush Taco Makes A Limited Soft Shell Crab Taco You Won’t Want To Miss

crushby Steven Doyle

Chef Mo Assi is now a taco man up north in far Frisco. The days of fine dining in a traditional sense are behind the good chef, and today it is all about the taco. Crush Taco, that is.

Assi once told me that the tortilla is merely a vessel to hold what good creations he could come up with. Last year he made me a chicken fried steak taco after discussing what a great holiday CFS made. Assi was already one of my heroes, but did he have to go ahead and do that? Worship status issued.  

Earlier this week after discussing soft shell crabs on craveDFW and on social media, Assi went and did the delicious. He sent me a note warning that he planned a soft shell taco for the holiday weekend, and boom, here it is.

The soft shell taco is comprised of a layer of flavors that include peppered bacon, pico, avocado crema, buttermilk fried soft shell crab all wrapped into once of his special tortillas. I tell you, Assi is shooting for god-like status. 

The Soft Shell BLT Taco is in limited run and won’t last long. If you are like me you are waiting for this little story to end so you can make your way to Frisco to bite into one of these special tacos.

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