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val1by Steven Doyle

There is a great chance you have checked in at Val’s Cheesecakes located snugly to the immediate west of the Grapevine, the bar that is one of the continually hottest bars in Dallas. Val’s has a walk-up window located in the parking lot facing Maple Avenue, and another in the back off the Grapevine’s makeshift basketball court/ patio area. 

What you find in these walk-up windows are cheesecakes. Plenty of cheesecakes, and the most curious are set in tiny jam jars, like the ones your grandmother sent home with you after a long summer visit. Instead of freshly picked strawberry jam Val’s jars are brimming with a whole host of cheesecakes. The most popular might be the red velvet or the cookies and cream. My last taste of a Val’s cheesecake was blueberry. Not all the cheesecakes are jarred, you may also purchase slices or even whole cheesecakes.

Val, who is actually Valery Jean-Bart, uses several of his almost 300 recipes daily but inserts something special when the mood arises.

Although Val works as an engineer by day the shop is open from 12 to 10pm daily except Monday.

This Saturday we invite craveDFW readers to stop by Val’s Cheesecakes where I will be assisting in whatever capacity I am most helpful. We are asking crave readers to come up with a special flavor profile for a cheesecake, and if Val reads one he thinks would make a good fit for his shop he will create the cheesecake. If there is actually a winning cheesecake we will have prizes for that entry.

Enter your best cheesecake flavor idea below and we will select one (hopefully) this Friday, June 16th. See you all Saturday, June 17th at 4pm at Val’s Cheesecakes located at 3906 Maple Avenue. Be imaginative!


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7 responses to “Crave Loves Val’s Cheesecake

  1. Sarah Berglass

    Key Lime

  2. Jeffrey L Patton


  3. Giselle Cuellar

    Mexican chocolate!

  4. Melissa Pottenger

    Lavender Honey…. yum!

  5. Gary L. Juren, AIA


  6. Jeff Patton

    Port Wine

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