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First Look: Val’s Cheesecakes Greenville Avenue

image1 (16)by Steven Doyle

It is no secret that we are fans of Val’s Cheesecakes on Maple Avenue directly next door and semi attached to the Grapevine Bar. For the expanding fan base we have some exciting news, Val is opening on Greenville Avenue this Thursday in the building that Tacos y Mas recently vacated at 2820 Greenville in the same section as iconic restaurants such as The Grape, Blue Goose and much more.  Continue reading

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Every Day At Val’s Cheesecakes Will Make You Smile

DSC01301by Steven Doyle

Last week I was invited to work a shift at Val’s Cheesecakes at 3906 Maple Avenue. This is something I have done off and on for many years and believe it helps with reviews and writing about restaurants in general to spend time in the belly of the beats. Restaurant kitchens can be exciting, vibrant and they speak a language all their own.  Continue reading


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Crave Loves Val’s Cheesecake

val1by Steven Doyle

There is a great chance you have checked in at Val’s Cheesecakes located snugly to the immediate west of the Grapevine, the bar that is one of the continually hottest bars in Dallas. Val’s has a walk-up window located in the parking lot facing Maple Avenue, and another in the back off the Grapevine’s makeshift basketball court/ patio area.  Continue reading


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