Ten Best Pancakes in Dallas 2017

pancake1by Steven Doyle

There is nothing more satisfying in the morning than a few slabs of terrific pancakes and a perfect cup of steaming hot black coffee to set your day in motion. Go for an entire stack and a pot of coffee for a more extreme perpetual motion. We have been scoping out some of the top spots in the Dallas area for pancakes, and hope you enjoy them as much as we have.  We know there are many more that we enjoy, but we had to limit this list to ten. What are your favorites?

In no particular order, our top pancakes for Dallas:  


Oddfellows: Oddfellows is located in the Bishop Arts District in Oak Cliff, and enjoys a steady clientele of happy guests that frequent more than often. The food is hearty, inexpensive, and screams Texas. Here you will find a fantastic example of chicken and waffles served with pepper gravy, but also a duck confit chilaquiles and pretty damned good Benedict with wilted spinach, country ham, a tomato, an herbed potato hash and hollandaise.  But the pancakes are unreal. You can find your buttermilk variety, but also a red velvet pancake. Each day there will be something different in the pancake category which can keep tings exciting.

front roomFront Room Tavern

Front Room Tavern: Check out this University Park hotel for delicious food options at their restaurant which serves all day. The buttermillk pancakes are perfectly satisfying solo or with a side of all the regular American breakfast staples. Lounge by the pool afterwards and gear up for lunch.

Coffee House Cafe: Relegati to the suburbs feels a little breezier with super savvy hot spots like this Cafe. Besides having some of the best coffee around, the Lemon Riccotta Pancakes are the real deal. Be sure to also check out the beignets and the breakfast flatbreads that are topped with eggs and other breakfast fare.

Jonathon’s: Another Oak Cliff morning staple run by the gravy king of Dallas, Jonathon Erdeljac. Of course they make the grade for his light and fluffy pancakes, but there are other breakfast items needing your attention including his danger dogs, which resemble corn dogs, but made with sausages and pancake batter. Chicken and waffles are also a hit.

pancakeOriginal Pancake House Blueberry

The Original Pancake House: With many locations across Dallas, The Original makes insanely good pancakes. After all, it is in their name. Pancakes. We love the blueberry pancakes are wonderful, but you should also try out the apple pancake made with a single large pancake smothered with sautéed apples and cinnamon sugar baked, then given a treatment of a rich cinnamon sugar glaze. For a real treat go for the Dutch Baby which is the giant air filled delight that is oven baked  and served with lemon, whipped butter and powdered sugar. Nothing else quite like this.

Henk’s European Deli & Black Forest Bakery: At Henk’s you get a lot of love, and a lot of pancakes for a great bargain at 5.25 for a full meal deal. Henk’s also features a German and Polish breakfast where you can order a great schnitzel in the morning.

sampler oddfellowsOddfellow’s Sampler

Garden Cafe: The pancakes here are large and fluffy, just as you would hope. This is a crazy good off the beaten path type of restaurant that forages from their own huge garden in the back of the house. Choose from buttermilk, whole wheat, or the sweet potato pancakes, all topped with organic Vermont syrup. This is real food made by a pretty cool real chef.

AllGood Cafe: There is nothing in Dallas as good as the chicken fried steak at AllGood Cafe. The menu is literally all good as well. Sure you can select from a short of full stack of the pancakes, and add a myriad of toppings such as fresh fruit or pecans. There are a few other options here you might try to slide the pancakes in for a heartier choice. The Hat Trick comes with huevos rancheros, peppered bacon and a short stack. But if you feel up to it, order the chicken fried steak and eggs, and ask to substitute grits for a short stack. Pay whatever extra they want to charge you. You will not need to eat again for a few days.

Crossroads Diner: Here you will find a large selection of pancakes, from the very plain yet delightful buttermilk variety, to one laced with pecans, or stuffed with caramel apples. Save room for the very best corned beef hash in the county, but always start with the insane cinnamon sticky bun. Freaking cinnamon sticky bun. Then be prepared to finish your breakfast later that day at home. One of the very best breakfasts in Dallas.

allgood1Allgood Cafe massive breakfast

Ellen’s Southern Kitchen: Grits really do rule here. Especially when infused with copious amounts of cheddar. But we are here for the pancakes, and Ellen’s does them very well. Choose the big pancake breakfast which comes with two pancakes, two eggs, two slices of bacon, two sausage links and hash browns. There are plenty of additions for the pancakes including roasted figs, fresh strawberries, blueberries and more. See if you can manage a side of those grits, too.

Bonus: A breakfast hangout we miss the most might be the Surrey on Forest lane. They made insanely good pancakes, and as children we learned the phrase “pigs in a blanket”.


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12 responses to “Ten Best Pancakes in Dallas 2017

  1. If you ever do one on the best waffles… you should check out The Life House in Rockwall. BEST waffles IMO. Looking forward to trying out some of these pancake places!

  2. Christie Tate

    How could you have skipped Crumbzz (Forney) blueberry ricotta pancakes? There’s nothing close. And if your talking waffles, their Liege Waffles are better than any waffle, hands down!

  3. MMc

    Damn you! Now all I can think about are pancakes.

  4. landy

    what about Smoke? I know you have had Tim’s Ricotta Pancakes with Blueberries and Dried Apricots. Those are THE best E.V.E.R. seriously… Tom’s are awesome… Crossroads is damn solid.

    • Lauren m

      Agree. I can’t take this list seriously without mention of smoke’s pancakes. Nothing even compares To that work of art

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  6. Natalie

    Bill Smith’s in McKinney has the best pancakes I’ve had! Worth the trip to the ‘burbs!

  7. Rhonda

    Nice list and I’ve only had pancakes from a couple of the locations. I love, love, love great pancakes. Mostly I make my own as I have been disappointed too many times at restaurants. Most are too big, too heavy, too packed with unnecessary accouterments or have no taste without the addition of too much mediocre quality syrup. Those you mentioned as light and airy are at the top of my list to try. I would definitely recommend the pancakes at the Yolk Restaurant at One Arts Plaza. They’re two for two on my recent visits there. Worth a trip for me from the suburbs and my own kitchen!

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  9. I love pancakes. Amazing blog.

  10. Carol Maddox

    I love Crave Magazine and pancakes, thank you for this

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