Four Corners Celebrated 450 Pounds of Pig at Dia de Los Puercos

IMG_7179by JC Elliott

Four Corners Brewing Company celebrated its fifth year of throwing the very tasty festival Dia de los Puercos on October 22nd at its Cedar Dallas location. A fun nod to Dia de los Muerdos, Dia de Los Puercos is loosely translated to ‘day of the dirty pig’ or ‘scoundrel,’ though in this case, it more like ‘day of the very talented chefs and brewing scoundrels.’

Three super-star chefs roasted whole hogs on site for party goers to sample and the chef teams started way before dawn! Each chef had a different technique in roasting their very large puercos pals, and each was absolutely, mouthwatering delicious. The aromas throughout the courtyard were almost edible in and of themselves.


Chef Kent Rathbun built a portable roaster made from cinder blocks, aluminum foil and sheet metal, the bottom of which contained pans of red hot coals to slowly coax his 150-pound pig to roasted perfection. Diners dressed their Trompo Taco with tomatillo and grilled tomato salsa, cotija cheese and a series of fresh chopped condiments along with the roasted pork and cracklins.

Chef Tim Byres (Smoke, Bar Belmont, Chicken Scratch, Smoke Dallas) served up Roast Pork Diablo with Grits, and chose to spit-roast his whole hog over a large wood fire. There’s something very primal about seeing a pig roasting in the fresh air over an open fire – and it made for great food watching! The creamy grits were served with a lovely smoky slice of roast pork.

Chef Todd David of Cattleack BBQ served Carolina Pig Pull Sliders with Tangy Slaw. He smoked his 165- pound hog in a traditional-style smoker, which yielded melt-in-your mouth spicy chopped pork. His secret sauce gave a nice Southern tartness, and the slaw gave these sliders a bright, crunchy texture. In case you missed it, Cattleack was named by Texas Monthly as the #3 BBQ joint in Texas.



This week-end was also the opening of The Taproom at Four Corner’s Brewery. Once a horse and carriage house for the Ambassador Hotel, The Taproom lends an uncluttered, rustic atmosphere with ample space at the bar to enjoy Four Corners Brewing Company drafts and watch games du jour.

Stay tuned for details about the new kitchen in The Taproom, which opens November 1st and features a Texas take on perogies (think chorizo and brisket). Chef Chad Houser worked with the owners to create the menu and Café Momentum will provide the fresh ingredients and hand cut charcuterie boards for The Taproom.

As owner Greg Leftwich said, “Texas always redefines whatever the topic – art, music, food, beer.” Indeed, Four Corners Brewing Company has redefined what a brewery is, and from the brewery to the courtyard with outdoor games to The Taproom, Four Corners is all amazing!

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