Our Favorite Holiday Film Food Scenes

elfby Steven Doyle

Christmastime is when all make merry, and certainly feast. There is hardly a Christmas film that doesn’t have at least one great dining scene. We have chosen a few of our favorites. Hope you enjoy. We included a few video clips for your enjoyment.

In A Christmas Story the turkey becomes dinner for the dogs, Ralphie’s family must resort to a Chinese duck for their Christmas feast. While the whole family is in a giggling fit over the fact that the entire duck is served, head and all, the Old Man is less amused. He tells the Chinese waiter, “Yes, it’s a beautiful duck”.
In the  touching ending of How The Grinch Stole Christmas, the Who’s seat the Grinch at the middle of their Christmas table after he brings back all the presents and “food for the feast.” Most importantly, they give him one of the biggest honors, as the narrator explains: “He himself, the Grinch, carved the roast beast.”
Buddy the Elf is all about the four major food groups: candy, candy canes, candy corn, and maple syrup. The latter is his favorite spaghetti topping.
christmas vacation
Who doesn’t remember the classic scene from Christmas Vacation where Clark anxiously carves the family turkey that deflates?
Possibly overlooked as a holiday movie, let’s not forget Louis in his beat down, dirty Santa Suit in the film Trading Places.  Our favorite scene is where Louis, played by Dan Akroyd, dresses as Santa and crashed the company Christmas party, stuffing giant slices of beef down his pants for later consumption on the train.
Some times Santa just wants to take a break in the mall food court. In this scene featuring Billy Bob Thorton in Bad Santa, he is harassed by a child and his mother. Caution: This scene is not appropriate for the workplace as Santa drops the F Bomb gratuitously.


Slightly towards the dark side, this retelling of the classic story is a must see every Christmas. In holiday film  Scrooged, Lumpy, played by Bill Murray, is taken away to Christmas past we see him as a child on the receiving end of five pounds of lean milk-fed veal. A true holiday treat for most anyone on your gift list.

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