Need A Great Gift? Try One Eyed Joe’s Sauces

1eyeby Steven Doyle

What goes great with everything Texas and makes for one very delicious gift for the holidays? Think salsa. One Eyed Joe is a local brand made using fresh, local ingredients such as their ripe tomatoes, cilantro and jalapenos. There are no preservatives, high fructose corn syrup or other ingredients that your abuela wouldn’t put in her salsas. 

The result of these great ingredients is One Eyed Joe salsas which include a mild version, the Epic, that is perfect for table-side use every day, and the more potent Caliente is made with both jalapenos and habaneros. Whichever you choose you will find them to be a perfect accompaniment to your favorite Mexican inspired holiday dishes including tamales.


Joe also makes a delicious barbecue sauce that is smoky, sweet and all natural. Also, check out Joes stuffed olives which make for excellent additions to martinis or any holiday cheese board. There are several flavors to choose from including jalapeno for a tiny bite of spice, and blue cheese.

We suggest you check out the One Eyed Joe website for great holiday gift ideas including a custom box that each of the sauces fit into nicely, or a gift basket which makes for a fantastic surprise for your family and clients alike.

Always support local!

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