Holidays Means The Capital Grille (Contest!)

cap1by Steven Doyle

It doesn’t seem like Christmas without a visit to The Capital Grille. They are decked out for the holidays with their own brand of extra fantastic service, over-the-top plates of beef served just about any way you could imagine, and the requisite seafood displayed in a way that will make you gasp with delight and fulfilled expectations.

Our recent visit was as expected. In the bar were several parties unwrapping and laughing, in the atrium families waiting for tables and throughout the dining room  happy guests were in full-on celebration mode. It is Christmas, indeed.

We started our journey as we always do with a visit to any steakhouse, the Capital Grille seafood plateau. There are several sizes, and you order based on number of people in your party wishing to partake. The plateau is loaded with enormous cold shrimp, shanks of lobster and plenty of blue point oysters. The freshness makes this dish super exciting. Or perhaps it is my love for seafood.

There are other choices available when it comes to pre-steak seafood. Try the Lobster and Crab Cakes for an extra special play on the dish. Also enjoy a cup of their signature porcini mushroom bisque.

Baked Oysters

Dallas is known for excellent beef, and you will not wish to miss out on one of the beautifully aged steaks. The steak choice tonight that delighted was their porcini rubbed bone-in ribeye which has this amazing crust and is given a treatment of a 15-year balsamic for an added kick. This steak screamed happy holidays.

Also enjoy a classic surf and turf, as we ordered the special bone-in filet served up with a beautiful lobster tail.

Finish your meal with a bit of sweetness in Capital’s famous Coconut Cream Pie which resembles a tart and served with a large tuile for added love. The table devoured this after complaining they could not eat another bite.

Surf and Turf


For diners feeling extra generous this year (or those splurging on themselves), The Capital Grille is offering a limited edition $1,000 gift card made entirely of stainless steel.

With $1,000, The Capital Grille can provide diners with (separately): 6 date meals, 12 individual dinner meals, 9 Grand Plateaus, 20 Double Cut Lamb Rib Chops (4 each, 100 total), 18 Sliced Filet Mignons, 22 seared Halibuts, 100 Classic Crème Brulées, etc. The gift that keeps giving.

Those who purchase the $500+ gift card will receive an additional 10% added to the gift card’s value as well as a set of custom steak knives. Those who purchase the $1,000 gift card also receive the custom steak knives.

You can win a $150 gift card to give or keep for your very own by making comments below. Winner will be chosen at random December 22, 2017.


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80 responses to “Holidays Means The Capital Grille (Contest!)

  1. Liz N

    Sounds like a perfect new tradition!

  2. Mari Conroe

    Oh my! This would save Christmas! Hope that isn’t too big of a guilt trip, ha!

  3. Tom Wexly

    Yes. All of this.

  4. Angela Friedman

    A win for Christmas (Hanukkah) sounds great. Since I didn;t win the coffee maker I would actually rather have a prize of beef.

  5. Tex Dutton

    Enter me into the contest.

  6. Jenn Sanders-Beckley

    I don’t care if I win or not, thank you for all you do Crave.

  7. Tim

    Always one of my favorites at Christmas time!

  8. Kimberly A.

    I would dearly love to win this.

  9. Clayton

    I love the Capital Grille! Always great.

  10. Allow me to take the card off your hands!!

  11. I haven’t been to Capital Grill all year, yes I want this.

  12. Ben and Robin Johnston

    Enter me for the win kind sirs

  13. Jennifer Abrams

    I need the gift of beef, hahaha

  14. Jonathan Bloom

    Can I win again?

  15. Brian Dillon

    nothing says Christmas like a nice tall shelfish tower!!

  16. Andrea Carter

    How much is the large seafood tower? That is what I would get.

  17. Jeff Hernandez

    A win for me is a win for all mankind.

  18. Kris Fischer

    If I win I will read Crave every day. I do any way, but just saying.

  19. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Capital Grille!

  20. Cheryl

    How hard is it to win this contest? If a few hundred enter the odds are better than most things, so cast me in!

  21. Tara Johnson

    Let me win this, please!

  22. Hailey

    I am a devoted fan

  23. Chris Hayes

    Did someone say meat?

  24. A Christmas to remember. I love Crave DFW.

  25. Melissa Maher

    I knew sitting in my office reading food blogs would some day pay off

  26. Mark Howard

    I read you guys every day and depend on you for fair reports on new and old places to dine. Also like the entertainment part of what Crave does. Need more of that here, like the musicals and such. I also appreciate how you support local companies. It is evident that you have a good grasp of the local scene.

  27. Belle Garmon

    I want it to snow for Christmas and this gift card in my stocking.

  28. Angela

    I’ve always wanted to try this place!

  29. Marjory Henton

    I won a contest here I think 7 years ago. It was a very, very nice portable grill that we still use for camping and tailgating. They shipped the grill and some extra items that we were not expecting. It is time to win again!

  30. Michael Hamilton

    I go to the capital Grille maybe once a month for work (law firm), it would be nice to take my wife and daughter this Christmas on the house. Thank you.

  31. Adam

    Take me to Capital Grill please. Adam Miller

  32. Gene Cohen

    Can I buy the gift card online or do I have to go to the restaurant. I need some pronto.

  33. Jenny Redman

    I want to take Steven with me if I win. Is that possible please?

  34. Jenny Redman

    I want to take Steven with me if I win. Is that possible, please?

  35. Jenny Redman

    I want to take Steven with me if I win. Is that possible?

  36. Jenny Redman

    Sorry I think I sent this a few times, you can delete them.

  37. Brad Larson

    Let me win and all your dreams will come true.

  38. Jeff M

    Pick me

  39. Jeff M

    Seriously, pick me

  40. Erin Kaiser

    Can we just all agree I won and let it go?

  41. Clay Murphy


  42. Ryan Baldwin

    As a loyal reader I would love to win.

  43. Sarah S

    A perfect opportunity to get reacquainted with Capital Grille.

  44. Donna Vogt

    Capital Grille is always great but fabulous during the holidays.

  45. Jill Harbaugh

    How festive!

  46. Janet Beasley

    I have never been but love all the Dallas steak houses. All you discussed sounds wonderful.

  47. Bonnie Wilson

    Surf and Turf at Christmas is awesome!! 😍

  48. Ted Jasper

    Love the Capital Grill and this sounds like a tradition in the making.

  49. Jim Lowe

    pick my family

  50. Charlotte Bevins

    Yes I would love to win this for my dad.

  51. Mark Shefford

    I’m in!

  52. Jerry Guerra

    I’m all in

  53. Rachael Fallon

    Pick me!!

  54. Patrick

    I would use this to buy myself a Christmas present of just a few hours of happiness. Or maybe surprise someone else more deserving than I.

    Exceptional gift regardless!

  55. Thomas Lilses

    I would tear up a seafood tower all by myself

  56. Teresa Wynne


  57. Mo

    Pick me!

  58. Kristen C

    Does a birthday gift on the 22nd sound amazing, it does to me! Gifted myself s dose of surgery this month and lying in bed drooling over the thought of holiday dinner at the Capital Grille – please please please 🙂

  59. Jeff Flansbaum

    Wife and I love the Capital Grill!!!!!!!!

  60. Kevin

    Love this place for happy hour

  61. Jerri McCrary

    Three words…French. Onion. Soup.

  62. Moira

    Pick me pick me…please!

  63. Carl Devonshire

    Allow me to win this gift!

  64. Celisse Rodriguez

    Pick Me!! This pregnant mom loves your food!!

  65. Michelle Doyle

    ☆Merry Christmas everyone!☆

  66. Gary L. Juren

    Please and Thank you!

  67. Michael Chen

    Please pick me! Merry Christmas.

  68. Shelley Griffin

    I guess most of your audience is pregnant? Pick me and I will surprise my husband with dinner and dancing!

  69. Denise H.

    I love Crave! Merry Christmas!!!!

  70. Shelly Beam

    Merry Christmas Crave!

  71. Greg R

    Merry Christmas, thanks for the chance

  72. Libby M

    Wooo! All the beef!

  73. Jennifer Drummond

    I love CG!

  74. Sarah

    Yum, Capital Grille!

  75. Melinda Watkins

    I’ve never been and would love to go, especially after reading this article!

  76. Yes please!! This would be an awesome gift!

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