Celebrate Groundhog’s Day with Ground Hog

groundhog day.jpgby Steven Doyle

We at CraveDFW worked the Groundhog beat this morning, staying up all night to see if the rodent Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow at Gobbler’s Knob in Pennsylvania.

The day derives from the Pennsylvania Dutch superstition that if a groundhog emerging from its burrow on this day sees a shadow due to clear weather, it will retreat to its den and winter will persist for six more weeks, and if he does not, due to cloudiness, spring season will arrive early. The weather lore was brought from German-speaking areas where the badger is the forecasting animal. 

Punxsutawney Phil’s statistics are kept by the Pennsylvania’s Groundhog Club which cares for the animal. Phil has predicted 103 forecasts for winter and just 17 for an early spring. As it turns out, Phil’s predictions have been recorded as only 39% accurate, just under the Farmer’s Almanac predictions which stand at exactly 50% accurate.

In celebration of this big weather trodden day we bring you our predictions for the best Ground Hog. This by way of sausages and other pig related treats. Pardon our pun, but enjoy the list.

8-15-11 065

Kuby’s: Since 1961 Karl Kuby has brought his family tradition to the people of Dallas via his meat market and delicatessen. Enjoy 10 generations of housemade meats including some of the very best sausages in the city.

The Blind Butcher: This Lowest Greenville Avenue sensation created in-house sausages each day with swift creativity and flavors.

Lockhart Smokehouse: Nothing can be finer than a house-made smoked sausage. We in particular enjoy the jalapeno version that Lockhart imports from their cousins in Lockhart, Kreuz. This Dallas smokehouse imports theirs in weekly to bring us all one of the best tasting sausages in Dallas.


north main

North Main BBQ: The best way we know to celebrate Groundhog Day is to mosey over to Euless for their all-you-can-eat lunch which includes some mighty fine ground hog, well, pulled hog. That and some tasty ribs, brisket and smoked chicken. Buffets are generally a terrible idea, but this one rocks the plate.


Whataburger: In a hurry but still want to celebrate? Whataburger Breakfast on a Bun is always a fantastic option! And we are curious how many times we need to mention the Texas burger chain before they take notice.

Enjoy your Groundhog day with some ground hog. Oh, in case you didn’t see, the famous groundhog emerged from his temporary home on Gobbler’s Knob in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, and was greeted by his own shadow. Six more weeks of some sort of weather is predicted.

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