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Niwa Celebrates Japanese Meat Day Each Month

TX Wagyu

Niwa Japanese BBQ is declaring Niko No Hi or Meat Day an official must-have holiday every 29th of the month in Dallas, starting on March 29, 2018.  Popular in Japan, every 29th of the month is Meat Day and it’s celebrated by eating meat that day.

Why the 29th?  It’s a curious word play of the numbers 2 and 9.  The number components make up the word ni-kyuu which sounds similar to niku which means meat. 

Niwa Japanese BBQ restaurateur, Jimmy Niwa, remembers it being something that him and his friends would look forward to every month in Japan, not just for the meats but for the overall experience and excitement around it.

“We’re excited about introducing this monthly holiday to Dallas and hope it becomes a welcomed celebration nationwide, gaining as much popularity in Dallas as it did in Japan!” he said.

Niwa will be celebrating Niko No Hi with an all-day $29 niku platter that includes rib eye, New York, short rib, outside skirt, hangar and sirloin and also a $2.90 menu of specials: shrimp (7 pcs), edamame, wafu salad, onions and peppers and Sapporo.  Niwa is open from 4 pm to 10 pm that day. Reservations are recommended.

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