First Look: The Biscuit Bar


by Alex Gonzalez

The Biscuit Bar celebrated its grand opening in Plano yesterday. It is the newest restaurant to join The Boardwalk in Granite Park.

Before entering The Biscuit Bar, customers can see an arrangement of silver, black and yellow tables and chairs, corresponding to the aesthetic of the inside of the restaurant. From the outside, customers can look through a window, in which they will see workers rolling and kneading dough, and baking hot, fresh biscuits.


The Biscuit Bar’s menu consists of a variety of artisan biscuit sandwiches. My guest orders the F.A.B.B., which contains fig, arugula, brie cheese, and bacon. Like my friend, I also opt to order one of the healthier options, The Grilled Chicken. As its name suggests, The Grilled Chicken contains a grilled chicken breast, arugula, tomato, and aioli. I also order the Country Style tater tots, which are topped with sausage gravy and chives.

For those wanting a cheat treat, The Biscuit Bar also offers some more indulgent items, including The Hoss, which contains southern fried chicken, bacon, cheese, and house made sausage gravy. There is also a pulled pork biscuit, which contains pulled pork, barbecue, and cole slaw.


I enjoyed the grilled chicken biscuit. Both the arugula and the aioli give the biscuit sandwich a sweet, spicy kick. Plus, the biscuit itself is very light on butter, and baked well enough to the point where it doesn’t crumble, leaving a huge, greasy mess.

The tots, however, are more on the greasy side, but very filling and hearty.

For dessert, I tasted their house made Nana Pudding. I love how creamy and sweet the pudding is. The pudding is topped with whipped cream and a Nilla wafer. To my surprise, I found that there were also Nilla wafers blended into the pudding itself. This made for a delightfully unexpected crunch.

As for drinks, The Biscuit Bar offers a variety of wine, beer, and kombucha on tap. They also offer a selection of Texas-favorite Stubborn Soda at the fountain.

The restaurant is decorated with neon-light fixtures with humorous quotes like “batch please” and “mind your biscuits and life will be gravy;” ideal for any blogger, instagrammer, or Kacey Musgraves.

My overall experience at The Biscuit Bar soft-opening was positive, and I definitely will be back making it a point to try each of their unique biscuit creations.

Alex Gonzalez is a new contributor to CraveDFW and can also be read at the Best of Guide in Dallas, Plano Profile and Medium.

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