Fundraiser For Injured Child Tonight in Trinity Groves

chefby Steven Doyle

In Dallas it is typically the chef group that takes the lead on local charity activities. These talented men and women are often the front line of action when called upon to help raise funds for any number of worthy causes. That said, I want to tell you about Phoenix, a six-year-old boy from Athens, Texas, who is recovering from horrific injuries to his foot incurred when he fell from a lawn mower he was riding with his grandfather. 

After several surgeries, Phoenix is battling a bone infection at Scottish Rite Dallas.  Phoenix has been spending much of his time at the hospital alone.

A group of Dallas Chefs, led by Chef Justin Box of Peasantry Food Works, is inviting everyone to join them for a fundraising dinner, showing this brave little boy he is supported not just by his family but also by his fellow Texans.

100% of funds raised will go directly to Phoenix’s family’s expenses. Buy your tickets here, even if unable to attend. The event is tonight at 3015 in Trinity Groves starting at 6:30pm.

Dallas Chefs

Troy Gardner                    V-Eats

Patton Richardson          Café Momentum

Eric Dreyer                         Fearing’s

Kendra Valentine             Castille

Marcus Kopplin                Shiniku Station

Kevin Martinez                 Tokyo Café

Marshall Cole                    The Mitchell

Misti Norris                        Petra & The Beast

Jill McCord                         Private

Kevin Top                          Private

Michael Wyatt                  Full City Rooster

Orazio LaManna              Legends

Rachid El Amayani          Legends, The Star

Justin Box                          Peasantry Food Works

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