Happy Cinco de Mayo! We Have 8 Ways To Celebrate In Style

by Steven Doyle

Let’s celebrate Cinco de Mayo with a splash of tequila.

On this special day thoughts may wander to the very first margarita machine that was invented in Dallas by restaurant owner Mariano Martinez in 1971. The Smithsonian was so thirsty they nabbed  the machine and is on view at the DC museum.

We have our very favorite margaritas made by our talented local bartenders and restaurants in North Texas.  On a blindingly hot Dallas day you can find a margarita on nearly every corner, and that is a good thing. Here are a few of our favorites. We want you to weigh in with yours as well.

Bar gal Leann Berry at Cedars Social created a large ration of fine margaritas that are just as flavorful as they are imaginative. They also pack a mean wallop. This is the spicy tamarind margarita that haunts us.

Nothing kicks you in the butt on a searingly hot Dallas afternoon like the Mambo Taxi from Mi Cocina. After a few of these babies you will want to make sure you call for a real taxi of your very own.  Equally as ass kicking is the other Mico masterpiece at Mr Mesero (soulful).

boleroEl Bolero  in the Design District that not only makes a mean taco, but fires up a crazy good margarita.

stampedeCheck out the meandering margarita cart at Stampede 66 that parks up table side for one seriously kicked up margarita that is flash frozen in mere seconds and before your eyes with the use of a canister of liquid nitrogen. Science makes delicious, creamy and very potent margaritas.

mexican sugar

We made the trip up north this week to investigate the goings on at Mexican Sugar and liked what we found. We also adored our hibiscus margarita, mixed with hibiscus water, reposado tequila, simple syrup, lime and Cointreau.

For their truly innovative margarita, the Avocado Margarita at Meso Maya wins thirst quenching kudos hands down.

You will totally forget the fact that the food is very touristy at Joe T Garcia’s in Forth Worth. By the time you get to those mediocre enchiladas your face will be numb and you will giggle through the course with ease after sampling a few of these powerful ‘ritas.

mesaGiggity. Check out this lovely margarita at Mesa in Oak Cliff. It is their very own strawberry jalapeño margarita that will leave you extremely satisfied.

If you still need a great margarita fix, buy your friends a ticket to the amazing Margarita Meltdown this May 27th where you will taste 25 of the best the city has to offer!

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