More Restaurant Closings

pints.jpgby Steven Doyle

It has been a terrible week for restaurant enthusiasts and owners alike as we report a few more closings today including Pints and Quarts and Mercado Juarez Dallas.

Pints and Quarts opened exactly three years ago next week and suffered a few heartfelt struggles, namely parking which can be precarious at best on Lowest Greenville. But shed no tears for owner Brooke Humphries who recently opened another Pints in the Centrum building off Oak Lawn, and with 3,500 square feet as opposed to 900 on Greenville. 


“Happily closed. {We} always planned to do bigger stores,” Humphries told us. Consider Greenville a branding tool, plus she add there has been far too much construction in the past three years on Greenville. She continued,” It took up too much bandwith for my staff and company when we are about to open Mama Tried, the relocation of  Beauty Bar.”

Both Mama Tried and Beauty Bar will be opening soon in Deep Ellum. Then she has yet another bar planned for Victory which is a hotbed of activity for new restaurants and bars.

Humphries tells us that there will be “two guys” opening up in the Greenville Pints and Quarts space which she will share with us very soon, possibly this week. The restaurateur also owns Mudsmith. Humphries is a modern day empire maker.


Mercado Juarez Dallas Has Shuttered

Mercado Juarez still has its Arlington and Fort Worth outposts operating, but closed its Dallas location. Located on Northwest Highway Mercado Juarez is where you went for fajitas thirty years ago, supplemented by warm spicy salsas. It was a Tex Mex anomaly found in the nether regions of Dallas and as a teenager I was enamored by its spacious digs.

Taco Diner

Taco Diner in Preston Center closed and will relocate to Lake Highlands.

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