Bobby Flay Checks In With Summer Ready Grilling Advice

fmn_bobbyflay-1490.tifby Steven Doyle

Bobby Flay may not be able to take down our Texas giants in the kitchen, but the man can undoubtedly grill. Just don’t ask him to haul Elk carcasses to the back yard.

This is the perfect time of year to dust off your grill and make ready for a slew of summer recipes that will tantalize your  guests. Flay sends along his love and a few grilling tips to make your job a tad bit easier.      

Bobby Flay’s Burger Barbecue Grilling Tips

•  First, the type of meat is important. Don’t use anything too lean. My preference is meat that’s 80 percent meat and 20 percent fat.

•  I use a thumb press technique when I’m making burgers – the indention in the burger ensures that it will plump up and be nice and juicy

•  When you’re cooking, make sure not to over flip the patty. Only flip the burger once to make sure you get a nice crust on each side.

•  Lastly, there’s nothing worse than a burger with half-melted cheese. If you’re cooking outside, trap the heat by closing the grill over the patties. If cooking indoors, place a metal bowl over the burgers to properly melt the cheese.

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