Truck Yard and GAPCo Collaborate

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Two of Dallas’s favorite restaurants have joined forces for a collaboration that will rock the local food scene… or at least make people really full and happy. See, Greenville Avenue Pizza Company and the Truck Yard have been tinkering, and after many hours in the lab, they’re ready to share their experiment with the world.

Meet the Truck Yard Cheesesteak Pizza. This lesson in synergy debuts on July 2, and features Truck Yard’s famous ribeye that is then topped with onions, bell peppers, and mushrooms, plus the game-changing Cheez Whiz drizzle. All that comes atop a perfectly-cooked GAPCo crust for a holy union of flavors that you’ll want to experience for yourself.

This creation is what happens when people come together for a greater good. And now, you’ll want to come together, and march straight for your nearest GAPCo—either the original on Lowest Greenville, or the East Dallas location on Peavy Rd. Just make sure you do so in July and August, because after that, the Truck Yard Cheesesteak Pizza disappears back into the ether, to be remembered and rhapsodize as a shining light in the food mashup canon.

Grab this phenomenon July 2 through August 31.  16”: $23 / 12”: $18 / Slice: $6.50

Anyway, Truck Yard Cheesesteak Pizza. Get some.

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