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Free Pizza From GAPCO


The last day of school for Dallas Independent School District falls on Wednesday, May 29th (today), which means that thousands of kids will be pouring out of schools looking for something fun to do. Parents with school-age children already know this. But what they probably don’t know is that Dallas’s favorite pizza joint is celebrating the last day of school–and the unofficial start to summer–by offering FREE pizza to straight A students.

That’s right, May 29 through June 2, parents can bring their grade Kindergarten-5th grade kids to Greenville Avenue Pizza Company’s Peavy Road location with report cards in hand. Anyone who received straight As will get a free slice of one-topping pizza. It’s a simple and delicious way for parents to honor their hard-working children. And, let’s be honest: it’s also a great excuse for the family to get together for some pizza.

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2019 Hot List Of The Best Wings in Dallas

1a wingby Steven Doyle

Wings are definitely the perennial fiery bar snack that can be shared by the basket, or devoured solo for a quick meal taken with a very cold beer or a soothing pinot noir. Dallas has their share of very good examples, and much more that are flat on flavor. The latter are of the frozen and pre-sauced variety; an abomination unto mankind. However, done well the wing can be spirited, imaginative, and definitely make you yearn for more.

A perfect wing has a delicate balance of tender white meat that oozes its own juices with a fine balance of sauce and very little decor. A bit of crudité and side of house-made blue cheese dressing is perfect. Some have elevated this combination, others take on an interesting ethnic twist. Let’s explore the better examples in the Dallas area.  Continue reading

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Kent Rathbun Made a Special Pizza for the Holidays

kent pizza.jpg

Thanksgiving may be over, but that doesn’t mean you’ve got to stop eating turkey. In fact, Greenville Avenue Pizza Company would argue the opposite—and then they’d partner with one of Dallas’s best chefs to put some turkey on a pizza.

Created by Chef Kent Rathbun, the Wild Turkey Pizza is topped with One90 smoked turkey, gruyére cheese, Alfredo sauce, caramelized onions, mushrooms, spinach and prosciutto, and it’s served with a side cranberry sauce. It tastes like a delicious holiday plate, but in this case, the plate is a pizza—and therefore better. Continue reading

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Greenville Ave Pizza Co Offers Their Spiciest Pizza Ever


Greenville Avenue Pizza Company and Peticolas have joined forces to do a fun little day of Pizza and Beer.  Peticolas will be tapping the first re-release of Peticolas Ghost of Alfred Ale while GAPCo introduces a new pizza topped with Goodfriend Package’s spicy Italian Sausage, Hot Soppressata, Fire Cheese, Red Pepper Flakes, parsley and a hot honey drizzle.  If you like it spicy, this is the pizza for you. Continue reading

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Truck Yard and GAPCo Collaborate

truck pizza.jpg

Two of Dallas’s favorite restaurants have joined forces for a collaboration that will rock the local food scene… or at least make people really full and happy. See, Greenville Avenue Pizza Company and the Truck Yard have been tinkering, and after many hours in the lab, they’re ready to share their experiment with the world. Continue reading

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Greenville Avenue Pizza Co Owner Wins Prestigious Industry Award


Greenville Avenue Pizza Company (GAPCo) is proud and excited to announce that its owner, Sammy Mandell, was named the Young Entrepreneur of the Year by Pizza Today magazine. The Award was presented to Mandell at the International Pizza Expo in Las Vegas, the industry’s biggest trade show.

Pizza Today narrowed down the field from 60 qualified entries to just three. Candidates were judged based on their overall business concepts, employee programs, community involvement and marketing programs, as well as innovation, business growth, year-to-year sales growth and passion. On March 21, the three finalists gave a 15-minute speech to share their stories of success, vision and innovation before a room full of pizza professionals made the final determination, selecting Mandell as the Young Entrepreneur of the Year. Continue reading

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Best Pizza Finds in Dallas

101-pizza.jpgby Steven Doyle

In celebration of National Pizza Day we have assembled a list of our favorite pizzas around town. We suggest you start now and by midnight you might be able to finish up a slice from each.

Here is a list of a few of our favorites in no particular order. Peruse our list and offer your favorites.  Continue reading


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