Make Way for Addison’s OktoberFest and Win!

While Addison, Texas may be a 10-hour flight from Germany, you can find a true taste of Bavaria at the town’s Addison Oktoberfest (September 20-23) most authentic Oktoberfest experience in North America. Insiders for the event, which is celebrating its 31st anniversary this year, know that you don’t have to don a dirndl to enjoy a traditional Oktoberfest celebration. In fact, they share four key tips that every Addison Oktoberfest visitor should know.

Addison Oktoberfest coincides with the opening of the 16-day festival in Munich, Germany. The original celebration began on October 10, 1810 to celebrate the royal wedding of Crown Prince Ludwig of Bavaria and Princess Therese of Saxon-Hildeburghausen. In 1880, the festival was scheduled to start in September so the festival could enjoy more pleasant weather.




Every year, Addison Oktoberfest creates a beautiful glass stein to commemorate the event. While you can have your cold Paulaner in a plastic cup, to enjoy Oktoberfest like a local, buy a commemorative stein and have it refilled. Some guests bring back a favorite stein year to year, too. The steins often sell out, so make sure and get yours early. You can even order them in advance as a part of a package. Vendors will not fill up “das boot.” Only 1 liter and 1/2 liter steins will be accepted for refills.

Just like in Munich, the Mayor celebrates the official opening of Oktoberfest by tapping a ceremonial keg of Paulaner. Addison’s Mayor Joe Chow uses a wooden mallet to hammer a brass tap into a beautiful wooden keg. He has only three strikes of the mallet to tap the keg and shout “O’zapft is,” which is Bavarian dialect for “It’s tapped.” The official keg tapping at Addison Oktoberfest occurs on Thursday evening at 8 pm in the Schloss Addison tent.

While there may be bier served with those brats, Addison Oktoberfest offers great fun for the whole family. There is special children’s entertainment on the Bowl Stage, including the Napper Sisters. Plus, kids of all ages will love the amazing carnival. On Sunday only, in addition to the famed Dachshund Parade, wiener dogs from across North Texas can race in the Dachshund Races for fun and prizes! Also, watch dogs complete the DAWG agility course including the 80’ pretzel tunnel.



For guests who visit Munich’s famed Oktoberfest, the ticket to have is in the VIP balconies of the 14 bier tents at the festival.  You will find food vendors located through out the festival serving authentic German food and other delicious treats. At Addison Oktoberfest, the most authentic Oktoberfest celebration in North America, the massive 30,000 square foot Schloss Addison tent has a similar opportunity.  Noted chef and restauranteur Richard Chamberlain will host Chamberlain’s Brau Haus, a full-service restaurant overlooking the Addison Oktoberfest dance floor.



Guests at Chamberlain’s Brau Haus will enjoy a three course meal, with each course paired with a Paulaner bier.


  • Locally-made Pretzel with Reisling Honey Mustard Sauce
  • House Made Bavarian Ham, Leek, Potato and Vegetable Soup

Entrées (Diners will receive both)

  • Paulaner Hefeweizen Beer Braised Pork with Horseradish Mustard and Roasted Onion Potatoes
  • Bratwurst, Grobe and Weisswurst Sausages and Local Kobe Bacon-Braised Red Cabbage


  • Warm Bavarian Cherry Strudel with Port Wine Cherry Compote


Seating at Chamberlain’s Brau Haus is only $59 per person, and includes the three course meal paired with Paulaner biers, general adult admission, and a one-liter commemorative stein.  Seatings are limited and are available the following times:

  • Thursday, September 20 – 7 p.m.
  • Friday, September 21 – 6:00 & 8:00 p.m.
  • Saturday, September 22 – 5:30 & 7:30 p.m.

Reservations for Chamberlain’s Brau Haus may be made here.

We are offering two prize packages today which include:

Food Lovers Package $45

– Adult Single Day Admission

– Smoked Sausage or Smoked Pork Plate Voucher

– Dessert Item Voucher

– 20 Tasty Bucks (Food & Beverage coupons)

PLUS two commemorative steins

Make a comment below and share on your favorite social media site to enter. Winner chosen at random September 13th at 5pm. TWO people will win!


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