Neighborhood Watch: Richardson’s Dining Scene Exposed

mapby Steven Doyle

We will be visiting Dallas area neighborhoods in the coming weeks to ferret out the very best cuisine by sections of real estate. Some of the best bites are found in pockets of town that remain hidden to only those who live nearby, and we plan to taste our way through them all. If you have a favorite neighborhood treat please drop us a line.

This week we checked out the nooks and crannies of Richardson and list the very best. Some may be familiar, others perhaps not so much. 


Haystack Burger gives you plenty to boast about in Richardson including great burgers, fantastic beer and milkshakes that will blow your mind. We were particularly thrilled with the Chicken Fried Burger, a sinful plate that will have us all going back for more in the very near future. The best part of the burger, besides the burger itself, is the sloppy good jalapeno-bacon cream gravy. It is worth the trip to Richardson all by itself.


What respectable trip to Richardson wouldn’t include a round of dim sum with friends? The selection at Kirin Court can be found on the weekends, but during the week you may try all the dim sum staples such as shrimp and leek dumplings, minced beef dumplings, pot stickers and Siu Mai all at half price.  Also any roasted meats like the duck will please first timers, and always Chinese sausage stuffed sticky rice. Did you miss the 2:00pm cut off for cart service, it’s OK, you may order off the menu any time.


Del’s Charcoal Burger is the oldest restaurant in Richardson and has had continuous operation since 1962. The burgers are simple, inexpensive and charcoal grilled for a bonus of flavor. Try the chili burger and onion rings.

rich freds downtown philly

Fred’s Downtown Philly  has four locations around the DFW area with a fifth location opening soon in the Mid Cities. serving up delicious subs and Philly cheese steaks is their only business and they do this well.

rich first chinese bbq bbq pork pan fried crispy noodles

No respectable visit to Richardson would be complete without a an order of duck or roasted whole pig from First Chinese BBQ. We love the family-sized bowls of soup, especially the wonton or hot and sour, but the BBQ Pork Crispy Noodle dish is sublime.

rich jeng chi

Jeng Chi is an oasis of love in the Little China shopping center off Greenville Avenue in Richardson. The menu reads like a road map through Chinese and Taiwanese cuisine with so much to choose from including their “juicy dumplings” otherwise known as soup dumplings or xiaolongbao. Do not forget the pastries, they are some of the very best in Richardson and Dallas. Mention this place to your friends who claim Dallas is bereft of good Chinese. Jeng Chi now has a full bar with slurpy good cocktails.


There is a lot of Asian cuisine in Richardson and to include all of them in one article is impossible. We have written about many of the spots here on craveDFW so use our search engine to find a specific place. But we do simply adore King’s Noodles not only for their fresh hand-pulled noodle dishes such as the minced pork and garlic, Zha Jiang Mian, and the cold tofu (more of an appetizer).


Jasmine Cafe offers flavors from Palestine that are made fresh daily. To grab a great taste of their offerings it might be suggested to start with their luncheon buffet, which is glorious and filled with many meats and vegetables cooked fresh and served continuously until late afternoon. You will find most everything from their regular menu, plus more such as home-style dishes, grilled meats and fish, a bounty of vegetables and dips, and items they decide might taste good that day. In the evening you will be able to sample a host of fare to please the whole family.


Chicken Moto is the latest addition to the Richardson foodie landscape and serves up delicious Korean fried chicken with some unusual sides with a Latin flare. The building that houses Chicken Moto was an auto repair shop before the team converted it into a full-service restaurant with bar. Co-owner Osee explains, “I love motorcycles, beers and fried chicken. These are perhaps the pure joys of my life outside of faith and family. Why not have great fried chicken and drink some cold beer in a place that feels comfortable and inviting.”


At Ten50 BBQ they serve their rations of meats cafeteria-style with lines forming outdoors under misting breezes which cuts through the warm Texas sun. Lines are common at this popular Richardson hot spot and for excellent reasons. Large stacks of freshly sliced brisket, both fatty and lean, ribs from cow and pig, turkey and chicken choices, and those little delicious bites Ten50 calls Torpedoes – bacon wrapped jalapenos.

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