FarmByrd in Plano Shuttered

dsc00521by Steven Doyle

FarmByrd in Plano shuttered Friday. A high-end fast casual concept located at 3308 Preston Road was tucked away in a nice strip center but was plagues with a location identity crisis the owners Ryan Carbery and Tim McLaughlin could not overcome.

“I wish that we could of offered our food and experience to a greater mass than just “West Plano.” I always felt that our location limited us from reaching max potential. As someone who developed the concept and gave everything that myself and family could give I held on to the end. We are proud of farmbyrd and every person who participated in making us who we were”, Carbery told Crave over the weekend.

The concept was sound with a full bar, fried and roasted chicken with imaginative sides that was pleasing to their customers.


“Tim and I have always talked about doing a restaurant together and he had a working relationship with the third FarmByrd partner, RJ Timmons who developed the space. We all three wanted to open a place that offered quality, fresh food to anyone and everyone who was hungry for great chicken,” Carbery continued.


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