Masala Wok Is A Fine Alternative For A Lunch On The Go

DSC02601by Steven Doyle

With a menu full of interesting items such as samosas, chicken lollipops and spring rolls as appetizers, and Korma Masala and Vindaloo sauces with your choice of meats or vegetables, Masala Wok is more than just a fast casual restaurant serving flavors from Asia, including India and China, it is a fine repast for a quick lunch or dinner on the run. Be mindful, these are not the complex recipes of more fine dining establishments, but the quick outlets serve a perfect need for those with a hankering for something different than a burger and fries.

On a recent visit we devoured platefuls of dishes inspired by both Indian and Chinese descent. Masala Wok makes a perfectly fine Tikka Masala, that rich tomato and yogurt sauce that is slightly spicy with flavors of masala and coriander. We also ordered the Butter Chicken with its tomato gravy made with fresh tomato, garlic, cardamom and plenty of butter to supplement the richness of the dish. Everything can be kicked up if asked, or by adding the provided chili sauces.  



For your guests not wishing to sample the Indian fare, they still have plenty to choose from on the menu including a spicy kung pao chicken or a vegetable stir fry. As with all he menu items, you have a choice of meats including beef, chicken or lamb, but also tofo. Choices also include basmati, white or brown rice, as well as noodles as an accompaniment.

Other choices include soups, breads (such as naan) and wraps for those on the go.

There are several locations in the DFW area, including in Preston Center, Irving, Plano and Richardson.

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