Kenny Mills To Re-Open Chop House June 3rd

millsby Steven Doyle

Chef Kenny Mills of the Arlington Chop House Burger (not related to the restaurant in Dallas by the same name) is making a reprise. Previously  Mills sold his restaurant citing a bout of weariness for the reason for selling. However, the new owners were not able to keep up with demand and eventually shuttered.

“I am 56 years old and am fortunate to walkaway debt free from the business and my personal life and I plan on take some time for myself and family before reentering the fray. There is nothing more to it than that. No drama or hidden stories. I am tired and need a break and after 6 years of nonstop rock,” Mills told us at that time two years ago.

Kenny Mills knows burgers very well and has been featured on the Food Network numerous times for his skills.

But Mills is hard to keep down and eventually took a position with Coopers Meat Market and opened the restaurant/ meat market in 2018. He later opened up Hambone  Willy’s in Plano with the promise of more locations.

Recently Mills informed CraveDFW that he wanted to open a new Chop House, and he is. The location to look for 2502 Little Road in Arlington  and will be open June 3, 2019.

“We have morphed into a  semi-convenience store. The burger joint will have a little backyard that is pet friendly. We will be adding some game like darts and corn-hole,” Mills told us today.

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