Pure Milk & Honey: A lighter approach to ice cream

Cindy Chung (Alex Gonzalez).jpgby Alex Gonzalez

A new type of ice cream shop is now open in Mockingbird Station. Instead of sugar, Pure Milk & Honey serves ice cream sweetened with honey for its soft serve and sundae offerings. Pure Milk & Honey was created by Cindy Chung, who was inspired by her to open a dessert shop after her international expeditions.

Prior to opening Pure Milk & Honey, Chung was working as a land woman in the oil and gas industry.

“At some point, I decided to quit my job and pursue new interests,” Chung says. “I ended up traveling the world for a while and then I took a baking and pastry course in Germany for a couple of months. I always loved desserts a child, so I wanted to do something with desserts. The idea really was to open a bakery, but after doing the bakery and pastry course, I realized that it wasn’t a feasible idea because there are a lot of bakeries around already. I needed an idea that was easier to automate.”

Towards the end of 2016, Chung came across an ice cream shop in Los Angeles.

“It was in a predominantly Asian area, and they had all of these interesting toppings but they only had one flavor,” Chung recalls. “Normally, I don’t like ice cream, because it’s just too sweet, but it was really good, so I was wondering, ‘why isn’t there a place like this in Dallas?’”



When creating the concept for Pure Milk & Honey, Chung drew inspiration from her visit to the Los Angeles ice cream store. Pure Milk & Honey currently offers coffee, honey and dark chocolate flavors, the latter of which is available in dairy and a coconut-based non-dairy version. The creamery also offers specialty sundaes, like the Camp Fire and the Strawberry Cheesecake. All of Chung’s ice cream is made in-house, along with the strawberry jam, granola, brownie, banana bread and hot fudge toppings.

“Everything here is all natural,” Chung says, “it’s not processed, and eating local honey is beneficial to those who suffer from allergies.”

Pure Milk & Honey is now open in Mockingbird Station in Dallas.

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