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Ariana Hajibashi sent this note to me with a bit of relief for the  Dallas tornado victims. Ariana has a per firm that works with restaurants, so see this fireball if your company needs help with  public relations – she can help.

She  has two clients willing to help those in need so far, but I felt it prudent to run the list as is, we can add later. If your restaurant has a deal for victims, send me a note at

With last night’s severe weather leaving many families without homes, I’ve asked my clients if they would be willing to assist with those in need and a couple have already responded (I will update you as I continue to get responses). I personally have a friend who’s home is completely destroyed and they have had to move into a hotel until they can find a rental home. They have two little boys and I honestly couldn’t imagine. Please let anyone and everyone know of the following but please know that this offer is reserved for those truly in need and have had severe damage to their home.

Hope you are safe and continue to stay safe!

FREE dinner for the family
Shell Shack Dallas Location Only
FREE dinner for the family (non shellfish items)
In addition, Jason Caswell offers free meals for:
Half off at All Good Cafe.
Alamo Draft house offers:

Our theaters were fortunate to not be affected by last night’s storms, however many of our neighbors weren’t as lucky. If you’re without power or were in the path of the storm, or just need to take your mind off things for a little, we will be offering free tickets to all PG-rated films at Lake Highlands, Las Colinas and Richardson today, October 21.

If you just need to charge a device, all of our bars will be open and have power.

EDIT: We’ve put the call out to all of our staff that are willing and able to come in today, however our service will be slower than you might be accustomed to at these three locations.

An American flag lies on top of an overturned car after a tornado struck Moore, Oklahoma
In addition, Sarah Blaskovitch at the Dallas Morning News prepared this list of closures:

Royal China Restaurant at 6025 Royal Lane (at Preston Road) is without power. It will be closed until it can be restored, say its owners.

Eatzi’s at 6025 Royal Lane (at Preston Road) is without power. The gourmet grocery store is expected to be closed for two or three days, says CEO Adam Romo.

Omaha Steaks at 10854 Preston Road (at Royal Lane) is closed and without power. A team of people were removing products from the store on Monday so they could place them in a cold-storage facility.

Cantina Laredo at 6025 Royal Lane (at Preston Road) had minor damage. We’re collecting more information.

Einstein Bros. Bagels at 6011 Royal Lane (at Preston Road) is closed and the building has been damaged. Customers are encouraged to place catering orders elsewhere.

My Family’s Pizza at 10720 Preston Road (at Royal Lane) is closed and suffered significant damage.

Neighborhood Services Bar Room & Broiler at 10720 Preston Road (at Royal Lane) is closed until further notice. The restaurant was damaged.

Fish City Grill at 10720 Preston Road (at Royal Lane) suffered severe damage. It’s closed for now.

Celebrity Cafe & Bakery at 10720 Preston Road (at Royal Lane) will be closed for several weeks, says owner Brian Livingston.

Central Market at 10720 Preston Road (at Royal Lane) reports no serious injuries but will be closed for clean-up and repairs.

Princi Italia at 5959 Royal Lane (at Preston Road) has trees downed in front of it and remains closed while the power is out.

Spec’s Beer and Wine at 6025 Royal Lane (near Preston Road) is closed for now. A spokeswoman says they have not been allowed into the area yet.

Asian Mint at 11617 N. Central Expressway (at Forest Lane) did not suffer structural damage but has no power. It’s closed until the power returns. Staffers hid in a closet during the worst of the storm. No one was injured.

North Haven Gardens at 7700 Northhaven Road, a place where some chefs source herbs and vegetables for restaurant gardens, is closed while they assess storm damage.

Cindi’s New York Deli & Restaurant at 11111 N. Central Expressway (near Royal Lane) is closed because of a power outage.

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