Sum Dang Good Chinese Makes A Splash


Newest to Trinity Groves, Sum Dang Good Chinese has made a splash even during a pandemic with terrific Asian-American cuisine led by Chef Weigou Cai, a 40-year veteran of Chinese cuisine who was the former Executive Chef at Wu Wei Din and at the lauded Royal China.

Located in the old Chino Chinatown location, Sum Dang Good Chinese has a goofy name that explains what to expect for your visit. the restaurant provides its own contemporary interpretation of classic Chinese fare featuring a variety of Asian-inspired appetizers like edamame, sweet seaweed salad and chicken lettuce wraps, assorted dumplings and buns, soups, hand-pulled noodle dishes and entrees such as kung pao chicken, Mongolian beef, Sichuan pork, honey walnut prawns and eggplant with garlic sauce.

The restaurant provides a quality version of exactly what the restaurant-goer expects, and delivers with aplomb.




Especially delicious are the handmade dumplings and hand-pulled noodles, but we also enjoyed the Sweet and Sour Baby Back Ribs, Beer Can Chinese Chicken and a Humpty Dumpling, which is a gigantic crab soup dumpling. We are a sucker for soup dumplings, and this may very well be the best in the city.


The interior was updated with new art and a new color scheme. And the kitchen opens up to the dining room, so guests can see the dumpling and noodle stations in action. And there is a full bar with craft beers, wines and creative Asian-inspired cocktails.

“Trinity Groves was always meant to be an area of constant change to keep up with the times and to be relevant in the local and national food scene,” says Phil Romano, co-owner of Trinity Groves. “Chino’s tenure here has been incredible, but now it’s time for something new. We’re excited to unveil our concept and rekindle the fluid spirit of Trinity Groves.”


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  2. Shannon

    Thank you for not bowing to pressure and changing your name. Humor and light heartedness are now more important than ever before! I have not been to your restaurant yet but will try it now.

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