Mike’s Chicken Found in the Unlikely World of Laundry

image1by Steven Doyle

There is nothing more popular than fried chicken. Besides poke bowls fried chicken might be what we crave most in Dallas today. There are certainly plenty of chef driven chicken joints to choose from, but sometimes we want it basic and simple, and that is when you will want to check in at Mike’s Chicken found in the most unlikely spots in Dallas. A DIY laundry located on Maple Avenue.  

Mike’s is owned by a Vietnamese couple who operate the laundry and decided a few years back to take out some washers and dryers to open a small restaurant to feed hungry patrons. Using their own recipe that has wowed their family at home, the chicken was an instant hit.



Selling chicken, wings, tenders, catfish and shrimp, all made from scratch at the moment you order, some items might take up to twenty minutes to serve. Patience is definitely a virtue at Mike’s. If you wish you may phone your order in ahead of time.

Sauces are also made in house, including their white gravy, buffalo, ranch, honey mustard and chipotle mayo. They will also make you their version of the very spicy Nashville hot chicken.


Then there are the sides. Expect good things from their mac and cheese, almond green beans, mashed potatoes, fries and more. Oh, their biscuits are also from scratch making a perfect basket of chicken even better.

Writing this report and having to make repeat visits for your enjoyment was definitely our pleasure.

Mike’s Chicken | 4234 Maple Avenue, Dallas | 214.443.7822

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