Roundhouse Food Hall in the Village – The Jetty

Photos and Story by Joey Stewart

The Roundhouse Food Hall at The Village is now open, and we checked out one of the eight spots housed there: The Jetty.

The Jetty is a seafood joint that serves craft cocktails, lobster sliders, shrimp sliders, oysters, poke, sushi, sashimi and rolls. 

The $7 lobster roll slider

East coast oysters will run you three bucks each, which is standard for DFW, but the item that raised both our eyebrows was the 7 dollar lobster slider. While many of the top restaurants in Dallas serve lobster rolls at around 35 bucks, this is a deal. The Jetty’s is “Maine style,” which is cold, mixed with remoulade and lemon on a brioche bun. The cost is low since they use previously frozen lobster meat, but at that price point it’s a steal, and the taste is on point. Get two for $13.

East Coast Oysters with sansho pepper mignonette and lemon

For sushi fans, they offer three kinds of nigiri and sashimi, while sticking with the popular choices of tuna, yellowtail and salmon.


In the roll category, The Jetty has five different options: Negihama (yellowtail), Avocado, Spicy Tuna or Salmon and California.

Spicy Salmon Roll

We sat at the comfy 24-seat U-shaped bar and tried some of their signature cocktails. The affable bartender Danny recommended the Yuzu Coco and the Lycheetini, which went well with our meal. The booze menu offers cocktails, craft beer, wine, bubbles and sake.

Yuzu Coco – malfy con limone gin, yuzu, coconut and lemon

The Roundhouse Food Hall is open every day from 11:00 AM-8:30 PM. If you’re looking for a place where everyone can order what they like in a casual atmosphere, this is your spot.

Look for our reports on the seven other options coming up in CraveDFW.

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