Elvis’ Birthday is THIS SATURDAY, and The Statler Dallas is Celebrating

It’s been 45 years since the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll passed away, but this Saturday, January 8, will still be commemorated as Elvis Presley’s birthday. While the King is normally associated with his palatial home at Graceland, Elvis has some important Dallas history as well.

The Statler Hotel in Dallas, the city’s most iconic historic hotel, has two Presidential Suites. One of those is named The King, after Elvis Presley (the other is named for Conrad Hilton). The story behind the naming of the suite is a fascinating piece of local lore.

Elvis attempted to check in at The Statler after coming back from being drafted into the US Army in the late ‘50s, but being in his U.S. Army uniform and not recognized, it was perceived by the front desk agent that he could not afford a room so he was turned away. Although this story is not fully confirmed, one of the Presidential Suites is named ‘The King’ in honor of this story – and as an everlasting apology to Elvis. The suite is 501.

The palatial ‘King Suite’ is an apropos apology to Elvis and his fans.

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Also for Elvis’ birthday this year, Primo’s MX at The Statler will be offering a special dish – The Elvis. The Elvis is a peanut butter, bacon and banana sandwich and is served with chips for $14. It will be available ONLY this Saturday, January 8.

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