Dim Sum at Garden Restaurant


by Steven Doyle

You are most likely familiar with a handful of wonderful spots in Dallas to eek out decent dim sum. You can read about those here.  We recently stumbled upon an additional find that until now has gone under our massive radar, and this restaurant is a wonderful find. You will want to make plans to visit Garden Restaurant located in Garland.

If you were familiar with Arc-en-Ceil, one of the best dim sum restaurants that existed in Dallas (and Arlington), this is the same building in Garland. At Garden you will find a whole host of delicious Asian cuisine that varies from both Chinese and Vietnamese. The dim sum menu is good all day and night, but cart service flows only during luncheon hours. All other times you order off the menu and get the items you choose freshly made from the kitchen. This can actually be a good thing as the dim sum list is vast and always fresh.   


You will find everything your heart desires in the way of dim sum at Garden. If it is not on the cart, just ask your server to have it made in the kitchen.

If addition to great dim sum items you will find crispy ducks hanging for your approval, as well as the delicious red roasted pork you find at many of the more authentic Asian restaurants. Whole fish is also a great choice, and a bargain at that.

Garden is best known for their 9.99 lobster special. The lobster is large and meaty, and can be cooked five different ways. And there is no wrong way. The lobster has a limited, and a table can bag only two of the specials per visit. Check out our favorite, the ginger and scallion lobster, or be adventuresome and go for the lobster deep fried in cheese. A close craveDFW friend tells us as odd as it may sound, the cheese option is actually delicious.  There are also a few more lobster variations, including one sautéed in a tamarind sauce.


The atmosphere is sparse, but very clean. There are massive amounts of tables, so during off hours you will feel much like you are dining in an empty college cafeteria. You will find the service to be quick and easy.

For those in the Dallas Loop, it is actually a short drive to the Garland restaurant and when in the area check out some other class favorites such as Doan, Pho Bang,  Quoc Bao, a Vietnamese bakery.

Garden Restaurant | 3555 W Walnut, Garland | 972.487.8289

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