Tips for choosing the right Commercial Freezer for your Kitchen

Between the years and throughout 2022, the requirement for commercial refrigerators has grown by 4.5% annually. The rapid growth of both the retail and food service industries is the leading cause of this increased demand.

Your primary priority as a restaurant owner should always be serving consumers fresh food. Bacterial growth may occur if food is not kept at the proper temperature during storage. When dangerous bacteria are present in food, it can make guests sick and eventually damage the reputation of your restaurant.

The good news is that there are several commercial freezers available that offer effective solutions to freeze goods. But how are you going about getting a freezer that’s the ideal fit for your particular requirements?

Your job has been simplified by us.

Here are the top five suggestions for selecting a commercial freezer and refrigeration system for your business or restaurant kitchens. 

Find out about the Freezer Brand

What makes a brand of commercial freezer important? The truth is that there are many freezer companies available on the market, but not all of them can be trusted. Pay close attention to only the companies known for producing high-caliber products. 

So what qualities must a brand possess? In the initial stages, look into its warranties as well as service records. Use the greatest quality at the lowest cost.

Choose a commercial freezer with the Electricity Star logo if you can because they can save you close to 30percent on average extra energy than freezers without it.

You can check commercial freezers by Kitchenall, as it is selling outstanding products.

Decide What Storage You Require

How much room do you have for refrigeration? The size and form of the commercial kitchen equipments you select will be significantly influenced by the available space in your business building. 

The last thing a restaurant owner wants is to spend money on a commercial refrigerator which somehow won’t fit in the given area. Therefore, you need to think about how much space you have in your restaurant before purchasing a commercial refrigerator. It would be wiser to get a commercial refrigerator with one door if you have a little area. It is preferable to get an upright freezer for organizations with constrained floor space in order to take advantage of the space available. You can increase the number of products you can keep or display in this way. On the contrary part, if your floor space is ample, you will have a wider range of freezer size and type possibilities.

Installing more refrigeration storage that you might need as your business grows is undoubtedly an excellent idea.Storage surely plays a pivotal role in the overall running of the kitchen.

Choose the Commercial Freezer Type You Prefer

It’s time to choose a certain type of freezer now that you are aware of how much business space you have. The following are some of the market’s most prevalent freezer examples:

  • Commercial freezers with reach-in doors feature shallow shelves that make it simple to grasp things. They typically feature about one to four doors and are upright.
  • Commercial refrigerators with a top workspace and refrigeration storage underneath are known as worktop refrigerators. They are necessary for the preparation line.
  • Commercial freezers that roll in – These models lack an inside shelf. Racks on castors can roll right into the cabinet because these stand on the floor directly and there is a thin cabinet floor.
  • The best refrigerators for keeping a lot of food are walk-in commercial refrigerators.

They have shelves that are simple to reach and allow you to walk about freely in the refrigerator area.

Which of these four commercial refrigeration types do you believe will work best for you? It is always suggested to use the freezers that uits your environment the most.

Choose energy-saving freezers

What percentage of your monthly income do you spend on electricity? An energy-efficient refrigerator is essential for every business nowadays because of the rising cost of power.

It would be important to select an energy-efficient refrigerator if you intended to utilize your commercial refrigerator for an extended period of time. An important aspect that affects energy efficiency is the caliber of the insulation. A commercial refrigerator which uses polyurethane foam is preferable for the greatest results. Because of its low thermal conductivity and great compression strength, polyurethane is a superior insulator. With an energy-efficient industrial refrigerator, you can keep your food and beverages colder for longer while using less energy. 

From freezer to freezer, energy needs can vary dramatically. The amount of energy used by each freezer can vary greatly.

Yes, the majority of energy-efficient vehicles typically cost more than other versions, but over time, the cost savings can increase. Additionally, tax benefits are available for far too many resource-efficient commercial refrigeration systems. 

Compressor Positioning

The component of a refrigerator which maintains its coldness is the compressor. The compressor is often situated on either the top or bottom of commercial refrigerators. 

Since the condenser is mounted on top of the refrigerator, top mounted commercial refrigerators typically have larger storage space. Better compressor airflow, which results from the condenser being at the top, increases energy efficiency.

The storage cavity is lower down if you choose the top mount commercial refrigerator, therefore you will have to bend a lot. 

You won’t have much storage space if you choose a bottom-mount industrial refrigerator. This is so that the appliances and condensing unit may be found at the bottom of said unit.

The bottom mount’s primary benefit is that it is ergonomically sound. This is because reaching for the items inside the industrial refrigerator will need less bending. The amount of room you desire and the accessibility of the condenser will determine where you put it.

The quality of the food in your business will increase if you purchase the greatest industrial refrigerator. However, investing in a corporate refrigerator is a significant financial decision that calls for extreme caution. Use the tips above to choose the ideal corporate freezer and refrigerator for the restaurant.

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