Tarrant Area Food Bank and Harvesting in Mansfield change the time of their Thanksgiving food distribution

Harvesting in Mansfield will be hosting a mega mobile event Monday, November 21st from 9a-Noon; this is a NEW time change than what was previously reported.

As families continue to struggle financially through the current inflation crisis and grocery store shelves remained sparse with product due to supply chain issues, the Tarrant Area Food Bank (TAFB) wants to make it easier on those who are still struggling to provide food on the table. 

Inflation is combining with supply chain squeezes to dampen the purchasing power of both food banks and clients, while also spiking gas and transportation costs. The Tarrant Area Food Bank is responding as best they can by pursuing a number of strategies, including calling upon government agencies for help, building up pathways for increased produce distribution, expanding relationships with grocer-donors, and ramping up fundraising efforts. They want to ensure everyone in their 13 counties has access to the food they need during the Thanksgiving Holiday season.

Mega Mobile Markets are designed to serve all residents of the Tarrant area who are in need of food assistance.  Neighbors are requested, but not required to register at http://himcenter.org/thanksgiving-2022/ .  Monday, November 21st from 9a-Noon at Harvesting in Mansfield at 150 South 6th Avenue in Mansfield


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