Dreamboat Donuts + Maiden + Spiral Arlington Coming in 2023

Dreamboat Donuts and Scoops  

1204 6th Ave, Fort Worth; Coming Early Spring 2023
Dare to dream as the nostalgic donut, and ice cream shop transports you to a whimsical land full of color and flavor – cruelty-free! White tile floors with multi-colored sprinkles and pink Formica countertops will have you dreaming about lazy childhood Sunday morning donut runs with the family. Executive Chef Parker Howard puts his masterful palate and creative spirit behind delicious plant-based treats, researching and developing soy-milk-based ice cream and donut flavors. Find flavors like traditional glazed, Earl Grey lavender donuts, cake donuts, apple fritters, and mint ice cream or classic vanilla. With countless offerings like ice cream Sundays, donut ice cream sandwiches, donut cakes, and even croissants (all free of animal products) — the only limit is your imagination. Sweet dreams coming in early spring 2023.

Maiden: Fine Plants & Spirits

Coming Early Summer 2023
 Voyage into the creative expression of Amy McNutt’s mind as she pushes her creative and artistic boundaries into uncharted territory. Pioneering once again, the Spiral founder seeks to bring something new to the Fort Worth dining scene, creating a concept focused on a nightly multi-course, tasting menu for the tender-hearted, environmentally conscious eater and the daring adventurer seeking the unexpected. The first of its kind in the state, Maiden is a Chef-driven vegan restaurant utilizing modern cooking techniques and global flavors from the mind and travels of Executive Chef Amy. Leading with the belief that people deserve a fine dining, high-quality, imaginative experience free of pretension and full of beauty – Maiden will prove the status quo doesn’t limit modern gastronomy. Take the voyage, early summer of 2023.

Spiral Diner & Bakery – Arlington

500 E. Front St., Arlington; Coming Late 2023
Stop in and relax from the hustle and bustle of daily life at the newest Spiral location. All the new innovation doesn’t mean the team is leaving comfort and familiarity behind! North Texas always needs great vegan comfort options, and Arlington is next on the list. With the knowledge that the city has few vegan options and applying over 20 years of experience, the original, trend-setting vegan diner will bring Arlington guests the greatest hits – from nachos to pancake platters to mac and cheese sweet treats – there’s something for everybody. Spiral is for lovers and Arlington lovers will rejoice as the new spot opens in late 2023!

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