2023 Best Dallas Hot Dogs

10DOGS3-jumbo.jpgby Steven Doyle

Researching the history the hot dog is murkier than the water some are boiled in, but there is certainly no mistake that the wiener on a bun is a quintessential staple of ball games, circuses, amusement parks, and just about anywhere people are looking for an inexpensive and easy to eat meal.

Dallas saw an insurgence of great hot dogs a few years back but they did not seem as sustainable as the almighty burger, and many fantastic dog locations shuttered.

We do have a list of some terrific hot dogs found in and around Dallas, take head and enjoy.

dog1.jpgDog Haus: Located in Richardson with several more in the works in the DFW area, the Dog Haus is the gourmand’s answer to the hot dog. Made with specialty sausages and wieners the Dog Haus dogs are nestled into a grilled series of Hawaiian bread buns. Read our take on this specialty restaurant.

harry.jpgWild About Harry’s:  Opening in 1996 (seems longer) Harry opened his doors with just four dogs. Several were the Chicago and New York-style.  Today much more is served at the new digs at 4527  Travis in Dallas. Harry is gone, as is the ill-fated Deep Ellum location, but the dogs are barking.

angry.jpgAngry Dog: Who has the best dog in the city? Certainly, Angry Dog qualifies. Look for a huge plated dog smothered in chili and all the accouterments. Located in Deep Ellum, Angry Dog certainly has its following, and for an excellent reason.

shake.jpegShake Shack: The Shack, located in many spots around Dallas, may be best known for their burger, but we love the grilled dog, loaded with our favorite toppings. Order this with a side of crinkle cuts and an amazing shake. Order one Chicago style for a flavor overload.

hot-dogs-smokin-joes-mustard-mayo-chicago-dog-dallas-fort-worth-dfw.pngSmokin’ Joes: Have you ever seen the dog stands at Sue Ellen’s or Lizard Lounge? Amazing dogs, or at least we think. We may have required an Uber after leaving these very hot spots, but not before ordering a dog. They also serve hot links, sausages, and chopped beef sandwiches, all delicious.

slaw-dog.jpgMutt’s Cantina: Where do you take your dog, and get a dog? Mutt’s Cantina in Uptown. While your mutt is cruising for hot babe dogs, you can slam a few Chi dogs and a beer or two. Great dogs, and better scenery in this Uptown dog arena. Several DFW locations.


Luscher’s Post Oak Red Hots: The retail space may have vanished from Deep Ellum, but you may still find these dogs in retail shops and in other restaurants. Look for them sold in Revolver Taco,  Shop, Neighborhood Services and more. Check the website.

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