Discover the Best of Dallas BBQ at the “Around the Pit” Event

Dallas Culture Club in association with the Troubadour Festival presents “Around the Pit,” an extraordinary showcase of Texas’ rich BBQ culture on September 14, 2023, at The Ervay Theater, Dallas. “Around the Pit” invites food enthusiasts and BBQ lovers to unite for an unforgettable evening of smoky flavors, lively conversation, and an inside look into the craft of BBQ. The event will begin at 6 p.m. at The Ervay Theater,
located at 1707 S Ervay St, Dallas, TX, 75215.

This event, curated by Dallas Culture Club, offers attendees an insider’s guide to the thriving BBQ scene of Texas. Featuring a roundtable discussion with Texas BBQ & culture legends such as Chase Colston, the founder of Troubadour Festival; Joe Zavala of Zavala’s Barbecue; Kris Manning, the pitmaster of Smokey Joe’s BBQ; Jill Bergus, co-founder of Lockhart Smokehouse; Randy White of Live-Fire Culinary; and Cam Leggett from Nomad Grills. One of the highlights of the evening will be the exclusive screening of “A Story About Troubadour,” a short- form documentary about the Troubadour Festival. This engaging film takes viewers on a journey through the heart and soul of Texas country and BBQ, an intimate glimpse into these beloved Texas traditions.

The evening promises a feast of mouthwatering BBQ bites, beer courtesy of Lonestar Beer, and unique
insight into Texas BBQ culture. Special thank you to key sponsors Zavala’s Barbecue Distribution, Lonestar Beer, and 44-Farms, and gratitude to all of our supporting sponsors, who have played a vital role in making this event possible.

“Around the Pit” goes beyond being just a food event. It’s a platform to celebrate the local talents that
have shaped the Texas BBQ Scene,” said Kari Bernstein Horne of Dallas Culture Club. “We’re thrilled to share this unique BBQ experience and reveal the vibrant flavors and stories that make Texas BBQ truly special.”

Tickets are now on sale at Grab your ticket and join us as we journey
“Around the Pit” for a lively tour of Texas BBQ! With limited seating, early ticket purchase is strongly encouragedto secure your spot at the captivating event.

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