Fall Cocktails from Revelers Hall and Oddfellows

Oddfellows has just debuted new cocktails for Fall focusing on fresh and herbaceous ingredients. Recognizing Texas will still be warm, these cocktails are seasonal but still refreshing.

  1. Ameri/Cola Spritz ($12): Amaro Montenegro, natural prosecco cordial, coca cola
  2. PSL (Pumpkin Spiced Lambrusco) Spritz ($12)–pumpkin cordial, orange juice, dry Lambrusco wine
  3. Chai Tropicale ($12)–white rum, banana syrup, pineapple juice, coconut milk, chai
  4. Eve’s Dinner ($12)–tequila, grenadine, rhubarb, lime juice
  5. Provincial Town ($12)–vodka, herbes-de-provence syrup, lime juice, lavender sugar
Big Kiss Goodnight_Revelers Hall.jpg


Revelers Hall has rolled out a new cocktail menu for Fall designed with Signature Cocktails, Bartender’s Take on Classics, and Boilermaker Menu (shot & a beer).

  1. Cereal Milk ($13) Townes Vodka, cinnamon, borghetti, cold brew, coconut cream
  2. Big Kiss Goodnight (Bramble) ($13) Townes Vodka, blackberry, arugula, balsamic, lemon with arugula & blackberry garnish
  3. Gin Lemonade ($14) Baja California gin, mint, lemon, amaro nonino with a sage garnish
  4. Fall Breakfast Margarita ($13) Mi Campo tequila, pomegranate, maple, lime with a lime wheel & pomegranate seed garnish
  5. Leaf Peeping ($14) Laird’s Apple Brandy, Spiced Pear Brandy, Dry Vermouth, Creme de Violette, Bitters topped with a cherry
  6. Green Dada ($16) Banhez Mezcal, rum fire Jamaican Rum, Herbaceous Liqueur, White Creme de Cacao with tarragon tied to the stem
  7. Reveler’s Hall Elijah Craig Old Fashioned ($17) Single-Barrel Selection Elijah Craig, sugar, bitters
  8. Boilermakers:
  • Lost Boys ($15) Hazy IPA & Lost Irish
  • Dove Tail ($13) El Grito & Mi Campo Tequila
  • Lumberjack ($15) Montucky Hard Seltzer & Malort

Revelers Hall offers indoor and outdoor seating and is located at 412 N.Bishop Avenue, Dallas, TX 75208 

Oddfellows is located at 316 W 7th Street, Dallas, Texas 75208, 214.944.5958

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