Uchi Launches New Fried Milk Ice Cream

Something sweet has just landed at Uchi! Excited to share that Hai Hospitality’s award-winning flagship restaurant, Uchi, has officially launched Ice Cream by Uchi, with their inaugural flavor, the Fried Milk, inspired by one of the restaurant’s most beloved dessert items.

Created by Executive Pastry Chef Ariana Quant, the Fried Milk Ice Cream is made of sweet cream ice cream mixed with salted fudge, dulce chocolate-covered cornflakes and blondie pieces.

Quant, who has been with Hai Hospitality since 2016, is a first-generation Chinese American and a passionate baker. Overseeing all Uchi and Uchi-related concepts in the Hai Hospitality family, she continues to elevate and innovate on the already notable dessert menus with her originality and exploration of flavor and texture – with the Fried Milk Ice Cream as her latest and greatest addition! 

Starting this week, pints will be available at all Uchi locations for takeout after dining in, and for delivery on UberEats. Availability is limited, with only 25 pints made per night. 

Price: $12.50/pint

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