It Is A Great Day For A Pastrami Sandwich At Deli News

deli-newsby Steven Doyle

There are so many wonderful restaurants to choose from in Dallas today. It’s a good day when you find a wonderful stash of oysters or the perfectly soothing bowl of pho. What a glorious day it must be when you happen upon the quintessential charcuterie and cheese board. But in the end, you always make it back where simple meets delicious. And for that, my friend, look no further than Deli News for the perfect pastrami sandwich and a side of matzo ball soup.

That matzo ball soup is a nearly clear broth made from honest-to-goodness chickens; rich and savory, and a matzo ball so large it cannot support its weight. Or try the soothing kreplach. Kreplach are those tiny dumplings filled with meat or mashed potato, similar to a ravioli but ever more tender.

deli news matzo ball


Do not pass on the appetizers such as the lox, herring, knish or even the latkes. All fine examples of what they should be. You will definitely be transported to a deli much further east where these items are served up joyously and eaten on a daily basis.

Then you have your sandwich. It must be the pastrami layered fat and tall between two slices of simple rye, both imported from New York. The steamed meat has the perfect amount of striations of fat to counteract the savory peppered meat. Another fantastic choice is the house-made egg salad. If only these two sandwiches could be combined without stirring a riot. Perhaps take home a pound of the egg salad, and dine on that in peace at a second meal.

It is going to be a very good day.

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