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It Is A Great Day For A Pastrami Sandwich At Deli News

deli-newsby Steven Doyle

There are so many wonderful restaurants to choose from in Dallas today. It’s a good day when you find a wonderful stash of oysters or the perfectly soothing bowl of pho. What a glorious day it must be when you happen upon the quintessential charcuterie and cheese board. But in the end, you always make it back where simple meets delicious. And for that, my friend, look no further than Deli News for the perfect pastrami sandwich and a side of matzo ball soup.

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The Most Expensive Sandwich in DFW

wein.jpgby Steven Doyle

Dan Weinberger has been on the family deli trail most of his life. His own deli, Weinberger’s located in the heart of the tourist trade of downtown Grapevine has been operating for 16 years selling a large variety of unusual and familiar sandwiches. Certainly his Chicagoland favorite “beef” is a a hot item among transplants from Illinois, as are a slew of other choices, some named for infamous characters in the DFW area. Check out the Pugs and Kelly the once popular talk show hosts which consists of Hot Roast Beef Dipped in its Drippings, Horseradish, May Red Onion, Kosher Pickle Planks, on Toasted Kummelwec. There is a Mark Cuban, too. Rest assured there are all the deli favorites you could imagine including one very serious Reuben. Continue reading


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Eat Me: Deli News Colossal Onion Burger

deli2by Steven Doyle

Dallas has very few real deli options, but one super reliable source for big pastrami sandwiches, kosher dills, great breakfasts, and the best matzo ball soup in Dallas come from Deli News located in North Dallas.

The jumbo sandwiches are epic, with choices such as the triple-decker, more meat than any human can logically wrap their fists around, one pound pastrami sandwiches that are smoky good and flown direct from a secret source in New York (along with their bread), and the pound cheese burger.  Most probably think kreplach, lox, chopped liver and knish when they think of Deli News, and they should. All terrific. But there are a slew of burgers to choose from as well.  Continue reading

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