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Vegan Girl Goes to the Texas State Fair

by Melissa Brenner

For as many years as I have lived in Dallas, I’ve never made it out to the Texas State Fair. I’ve been horrified by the advertised food options, which is the main reason I’ve never attended. This year I decided to try my luck, and clog my arteries, with the search for vegan food at Texas State Fair.

I was hopeful that there would be something that I would be able to eat when I heard, from our very own Steven Doyle, that there would be a number of veggie and even vegan chefs featured in the Celebrity Chef exhibition. Surely, if there was draw to see the likes of Chef Toria Villareal of VSPOT Café, Chef Miranda Martinez & Evita Torez of and Chef Jeanette Prafiska of Crosby Catering and Coffee then there was a good chance someone there would be making something for me.   Continue reading


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Bailey’s Prime Plus Hosts Scholium Project

by Melanie Ofenloch

There are winemakers that thrive upon tradition and honor the techniques that have been used through the ages to make wine that is consistent from year to year. There are winemakers that strive to challenge convention and turn the industry on its head by making wines differently. Then there is Abe Schoener.

A former Greek philosopher who fell in love with Napa while on a sabbatical, Abe served as an apprentice at Stag’s Leap Vineyard, was hired by Luna’s Vineyards and counts Cult Chardonnay maker John Kongsgaard as his mentor.  Continue reading


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