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Dive Coastal Celebrates One Year Anniversary With Crave Q&A

by Steven Doyle

We sat down with Francesca Nor, owner of Dive Coastal Cuisine located in University Park’s Snider Plaza as she celebrated her first year anniversary.  We wanted to know what made the fresh fish restaurant that is located in the former Dunkin Donut spot so amazingly successful — besides being one of the only restaurants who will deliver to the University Park pool.

We were quick to learn that she earned her chops in the kitchen and is classically trained. Nor is well traveled and grew up next door to Nick Badovinus.  She has this really cool California, almost hipster vibe, but focused and intense.  She knows her way around a kitchen, but doesn’t want to be known as a chef.  Nor’s schtick is more of a band leader that orchestrates her business with precision quality.

So we decided to ask Franchesca Nor a few questions about Dive to commemorate her first very successful year in business at Dive Coastal Cusine.  Continue reading


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