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Applebee’s of the Air: American Airlines First Class Dinner

chalk1by Andrew Chalk

Flying back first class from London gave me a chance to board first, sleep on a full-flat seat and take on board something larger than a reading glasses case without being charged more than the price of half a tank of gas. Another perk of first class travel is first class food. American Airlines says its menu selections are “inspired by you and created by our experienced culinary team. So sit back, and satisfy your cravings with the fine cuisine offered onboard.” They then say: “Satisfy your palate with our chef-inspired menu options that range from succulent entrées to light and refreshing selections.”

Buoyed by such promises,  I eagerly awaited meal service. The glossy, printed menu informed me that I would start with an amuse-bouche of “Chicken Pakora with Mango Chutney” (right). The wait was not to be long. Cabin staff bustled around in the kitchen and reappeared with china bowls containing. . . containing what? Two spherical mediocrities on a cocktail stick atop a miserly portion of chutney. The uninspiring appearance turned out to be this dish’s biggest strength. In the mouth, these pakora were just glutinous balls of tasteless glop. Either the recipe had gone wrong in the kitchen, or these were made of those resins you see on documentaries about industrial plastics. These images show the light snack fritters that I was expecting and they bear no relation to the dense, leaden orbs that we were served.    Continue reading


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“Seats For Soldiers” Tomorrow And You Can Help

mavsby Jennifer Thomas

American Airlines and the Dallas Mavericks are partnering for the ninth year to host “Seats for Soldiers,” a unique experience for our nation’s military heroes. This year, more than 100 wounded service members will travel from Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio to join reserve troops in the Dallas/Fort Worth area in attending the Dallas Mavericks vs. Milwaukee Bucks game on Dec. 14 at American Airlines Center.

Upon arrival at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, the group will enjoy dinner at Abacus prior to attending the Mavericks-Bucks game. Abacus owner and executive chef Kent Rathbun has developed a special menu featuring country ham wrapped jambalaya cakes with etouffee sauce, wood roasted Allen Brothers prime rib, smoked pecan-cranberry green beans, chocolate truffle cake, and malted milk chocolate ice cream.   Continue reading

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