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Fork Fight Finale Ends With 400 Happy Diners

DSC09605by Steven Doyle

Last night’s Fork Fight in Trinity Groves was the most heated battle to date. It also marked the finish of the series which helped introduced thousands of people to an up close view of what will to come to the new dining and entertainment area in West Dallas. Kudos to Mark Brezinski and Bob Sambol for running a smooth and delicious event to break up the summer and give us all an experience we will remember for years to come.

That said, there could only be one ultimate winner. Chino Chinatown took the victory. They competed against Beignet Bridge Club, which will open early in 2014 and serve meals all day including breakfast, lunch and dinner. The victory was a well fought campaign that lead Chino through the ranks of new restaurants opening very soon in Trinity Groves, with the ultimate fight against veteran chef Sharon Van Meter.    Continue reading

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