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Barn Aid 2012 is Sunday, October 14

by Jennifer Thomas

Barn Aid is an annual event intended to educate our community and raise awareness and support for local food producers, small farming and sustainability in DFW and North Texas through fellow organizations working to better our food security in DFW.  The event is being put on by volunteers and fellow small producers in the local food community.

Barn Aid was originally created in 2008 after a tornado struck CSA farm owner Marie Tedei’s farm and her more than 50-year-old barn. Tedei’s friends and neighbors homes and property nearby were also heavily damaged. To help raise money for the disaster Tedei and Jenice Johnson created Barn Aid which is held each year at Eden’s Organic Garden center and CSA. Continue reading


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Naughty And Nice Fruits And Vegetables Outed

by Steven Doyle

The Environmental Working Group is a non-profit organization that publishes an annual list detailing what they call the Dirty Dozen, or a variety of fruits and vegetables that are most polluted with pesticides. The EWG sets out to protect the most vulnerable segment of our population, namely children, and also looks to replace governmental guidelines with regards to the environment and our sustainable development.

All that being said, this year’s Dirty Dozen list includes fruits and vegetables you might normally consider somewhat safe such as potatoes and celery. The top offenders includes apples, peaches and strawberries.      Continue reading


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