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Where In The World Is Paula Lambert? (And More Important, What Is She Eating)

paulaby Steven Doyle

We are fortunate to have some interesting and talented people living and working in Dallas. I obviously obsess over over chefs , artists and musicians, as we should. One of my very favorite people in Dallas is something of an artist in her own right. Paula Lambert is many things. She is a cheese-maker (owner of Mozarella Company in Deep Ellum), an artist and has a voracious appetite for travel.  I say artist because sh has this innate ability to create something absolutely beautiful out of practically nothing. And her travels are stuff of legend. And her cheese makes its way around the world, winning many awards along the way.

I once told Ms. Lambert that I would be happy if I had half her air miles. She looked at me and smiled, “what air miles”?  What I figured would be millions of miles racked up each year are actually used as quickly as they accumulate. And good for her.    Continue reading

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