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Cafe Momentum And Youth Village Resources “Open House” Shows What They Do

DSC00803by Andrew Chalk

Café Momentum, the project that works with Youth Village Resources to provide practical skills and success values to young men convicted of non-violent offences, held an open house on Sunday night to show the citizens of Dallas what they do.

All the Youth Village programs were represented: dog training, career management, financial literacy, computer programs, culinary arts, safe food handling, horticulture and Café Momentum.  Café Momentum is the program that Crave readers are most familiar with, but I learned a lot about other programs as well. Like, all of the dogs in the dog training program are inductees from shelter euthanasia programs. In other words, doggie death row. The program saves them, teaches them to be good pets, and finds them permahomes. The young men in the program are in charge of something for likely the first time in their lives. Small wonder that one of them was quoted as saying “I thought nobody cared what I did so I didn’t care. When I started the dog-training program at Youth Village, I really connected with my dog … and the other kids in the program too. When my dog got adopted, I saw what I do matters. It made me feel real good. I think I want to work with animals, maybe even be a vet someday.”    Continue reading


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Momentum Reaches Important Landmark

by Steven Doyle    photos by Robert Bostick

It has been a full year for Café Momentum. This week we shared with the joys of the young organization as it lifted up its accomplishments with the same beaming happiness that any proud mother or father might. This past Sunday there were big announcements, bigger surprises and shared joy for each who attended the full-circle dinner with Café Momentum’s first guest chef, Jeffrey Hobbs at his new restaurant, Sissy’s Southern Kitchen and Bar.

Some of the surprises included a fat check from Whole Foods after they earmarked a percentage of a single day’s profit from their Lakewood store. The check would total $4413.00, but was raised to an even $5000 by an exuberant guest. Café Momentum has many of generous guests like this couple as they get ever closer to their goal in raising enough funds to open a brick and mortar restaurant to support these boys in their hour of need.            Continue reading

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