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Gas Monkey Bar and Grill Venue Guide

gas-monkey-exterior-backby Jon Daniel

The Gas Monkey Bar and Grill (GMBG) is located near the intersection of Northwest Highway and I-35 in Northwest Dallas.  It’s about 10 miles from the Omni Hotel in Downtown Dallas and 13 miles from DFW Airport.  The GMBG is located in an area with several restaurants and the owner’s other venue, called Gas Monkey Live, is across the street. I’ll review that venue at a later date.

The Gas Monkey Bar and Grill and Gas Monkey Live is owned by the Reality TV star Richard Rawlings from the show “Fast N’ Loud”. There is a gift shop selling GMBG merchandise in the back of the restaurant.

Transportation options

The DART Bachman station is 1.6 miles away and there are DART bus stops nearby.    Continue reading

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New Gas Monkey Grill Opening At Teminal D In DFW Airport This Month

DSC00001by Steven Doyle

The success of the Gas Monkey Bar and Grill on Technology Drive near Northwest Highway was unheralded by many in the industry, but for the millions of adoring fans worldwide, it was a clear winner even before the doors opened. Since then the restaurant with a mega bar, several stages and a gift shop has been working at capacity many nights during the week. There is no doubt that the barbecue being served is pretty damned delicious, and the music being brought in always seems to please.    Continue reading

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Gas Monkey Bar and Grill Open For Biz

DSC09991by Steven Doyle

When I first walked through the Gas Monkey Bar and Grill we explored the newly updated building that once hosted Firewater on Technology Blvd off Northwest Highway. The building held promise of loud music, cold beer and plenty of burgers and BBQ. The restaurant patterned after the Fast and Loud program on the Discovery Channel, which has taken the planet by storm with over 2 million viewers each week, and growing. This is not the only demographic that will be interested in this venue, but it is definitely a huge draw, making this a destination for conventioneers and tourists visiting Dallas.   Continue reading

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Your Exclusive Hard Hat Tour To The New Gas Monkey Bar And Grill

gas monksby Steven Doyle

It’s Fast. It’s loud. It is the Gas Monkey Garage boys ripping it up each week on the Discovery Channel with their hit reality program Fast n’ Loud.  The Dallas based show is centered around two mechanics, Richard Rawlings who is a self-pronounced motor mastermind, and Aaron Kaufmann, a mechanical prodigy. Now call them by their new title, restaurateurs.

We were invited in for an exclusive hard hat tour this week and it looks like this will be an extremely fun venue. Gas Monkey Bar and Grill is deep up in the construction phase with new ideas being brought to the table each day to make it more Monkey-esque. Look for plenty of garage doors opening up into secret cabanas in perfect eye sight to a massive outdoor stage that also overlooks a beautiful pond. Or the beautiful patio around the corner, in the front of the venue, that has the same water view but will be shaded with faux garage fixtures.    Continue reading


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