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Our Favorite Poke in Dallas

DSC00620by Steven Doyle

Poke (rhymes with “okay”) literally means “to cut crosswise into pieces.” It’s a simple dish made of chopped seafood, generally tuna, marinated in soy sauce and sesame oil, and mixed with onion. But, you’ll find many variations of this when you visit poke shops and grocery stores around Hawaii. Octopus (tako) and mussels are two common options, and spicing it up with wasabi or kimchee are also popular variations.

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Go Fish Poke Serves A Swimmingly Good Bowl

DSC00620by Steven Doyle

The Poke Bowl phenomenon in Dallas is rising to a fever pitch as we witness these restaurants popping up across the foodie landscape in Dallas. The latest to arrive at our doorsteps comes from a Tony Lin, a sushi master who practices his trade in Rockwall at a restaurant called Edo Japan.

It was while visiting California that Lin discovered his love for the bowl and started planning Go Fish Poke several years ago.   Continue reading

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