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Celebrate The Meatball With Our Favorites

campisiby Steven Doyle

The meatball most Americans encounter are this fat, round composition of ground meats. It works best when made from a combination of lean ground beef and fatty ground pork or veal  along with moist bread or breadcrumbs, herbs, cheese, and a spot of egg to bind the whole mess together. Drenched in marinara and served atop a bowl of spaghetti, the meatball is a staple of Italian restaurants across America.

The secret is day-old bread, soaked in milk or water, to bring lightness to the mixture. When you cook beef, pork or veal for too long, it starts to get tougher. But the bread in meatballs never gets tough. Use a lot of bread and your meatballs will be perfectly tender. Some chefs contend a 50/50 mix. Continue reading

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Jack Mac’s Swill and Grill Will Take On Ten DEBC Brews

021_Deep Ellum Brewing Co. (McWhirter)by Steven Doyle              photo courtesy of Nicholas McWhirter/ Meat Fight

Deep Ellum Brewing Company is always on the move. You have to love the guys for their sheer enthusiasm and love for all things beer, and this week they celebrate in high fashion with their first ten tap take over at Jack Mac’s  Swill and Grill located at 19009 Preston Road in Dallas.

Jack’s has an impressive burger and you may need to try one if you plan on tackling all ten taps of the Deep Ellum brews. Let’s review what they have in store for us at Jack’s.       Continue reading

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