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TJ’s Collaborative Lionfish Dinner At Driftwood

Whole Lionfishby Joey Stewart

TJ’s Seafood and Driftwood held Dallas’ first ever Lionfish Dinner on Monday night, treating guests to five courses paired with wines. This invasive species, which is native to the Indo-Pacific, has found its way to the southeast coast of the U.S., Caribbean, and Gulf of Mexico.

TJ’s owner and seafood guru, Jon Alexis, started off the evening informing diners of the issues surrounding the fish. “Lionfish have no predators, can lay up to 40 thousand eggs every three days, and eat anything and everything they can fit into their mouths. However we can become its predators. By eating them!”    Continue reading

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Lionfish Collaboration Dinner With TJ’s And Driftwood

lionfishby Jennifer Thomas

Monday, January 13, TJ’s Seafood Market and Driftwood will present Dallas’ first lionfish dinner prepared by Chef Omar Flores. Together, TJ’s and Driftwood, along with Traditional Fisheries founder Dave Johnson (as seen on ABC’s Shark Tank), hope to introduce Dallas’ food purveyors, chefs and diners to this delicacy that is invading and destroying the North Western Atlantic and Caribbean.

Lionfish are non-native to the Atlantic and Caribbean, and while it is not certain how the species was introduced to these waters, it’s possible they are released aquarium pets. The invasion is incredibly dangerous to Atlantic and Caribbean ecosystems as lionfish eliminate organisms that fulfill important ecological roles within coral reefs. Native reef fish populations decrease by 80 percent when lionfish enter new areas. Dave Johnson found a solution to the problem – catch the fish and cook them.    Continue reading

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